How Music Can Music Improve Your Quality Of Life?

We believe music can make your life better. Not just for meditation either, music has the power to improve your life in so many ways. In this article, we cover just some of them.

How would you like to press play on a Spotify playlist or turn on your stereo and instantly improve your life. Well it turns out you can!


Motivate yourself with music

Listening to up-tempo energetic music can help to motivate you to work harder and more efficiently.  Even housework can seem like less of a chore with the right tunes. seems less like work. Many professional athletes find certain songs or genres help them get into the right zone to complete or improve their workouts.

Find the music that motivates you, save it to specific playlists for different activities so it’s always ready when you need it.


Can music increase your intelligence?

Several studies show that music creates neural changes in your brain that can stimulate concentration and creativity. Music can help to train the brain for higher levels of thinking.

In one study, two groups of children (~3 years old) were set a series of tasks such as puzzles and challenges that test spatial awareness. The first group had been practising music (singing songs) daily and were regularly played piano music over a period of time. The second group had no exposure to music.

The group that had more exposure to music scored 80% higher than the group that had not.

It’s not just children that find the benefits of music on intelligence. Several top authors and academics use music as an aid to their work. Stephen King famously writes with loud rock music playing..


Music for Meditation

If you are reading this article, you probably already know that we are firm believers in the power of music for meditation and relaxation. The right sounds can help to relax you, focus the mind and reduce stress.

Our first official music release is coming soon so you will be able to experience this for yourself.


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