5 Things You Should Do Before Your First Yoga Session

Yoga is a beautiful thing, it’s benefits are far reaching. Yoga can benefit the mind, the body, and your mental well-being.

The five simple tips in this article will help prepare you before you take off on your yoga journey.


Be aware of your physical ability and talk to a doctor first.

You have heard it before, and probably ignored it but with yoga, getting medical advice is especially important. If you have any underlying health problems be sure to mention these to your doctor and ask if your planned exercise is likely to affect these.

Ensure you instructor knows your level of fitness and flexibility before you start. Join a class for beginners, even if you are physically fit and healthy and then move on to more advanced classes only when you feel truly ready.


Find a friend to go with you

A Yoga buddy will help you stay motivated, make classes more fun and of course give you something to talk about! Enjoy yoga classes with a friend then practise together in your spare time.


Have a light meal 2 hours before you go

Most advice online will tell you to practise yoga on an empty stomach but if you are too hungry you will loose focus, feel distracted and find even simple yoga poses a chore. Eat a light meal at least a couple of hours before you go.


Know what you want from Yoga and do your research

There are several forms of Yoga and each style has it’s own benefits.

Why are you interested in starting yoga? What are you hoping to get out of practising?

Set some measurable goals, a good instructor will be able to help you with this. Work with an instructor to find a class that best fits your needs and get the exact benifits you are looking for from your program.



Where what you feel most comfortable in

Most websites that promote yoga will advise jumping straight in and buying expensive yoga pants or specialist clothing. Don’t be tempted.

Wear comfortable shorts, tracksuit bottoms, light tops or sportswear. Wear what makes you cool and comfortable while you are at practise.


So thats it for our tips, now it’s time to sign up to a class and get going!

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